Adelaide, Australia

After finishing work in Australia and before returning back to rainy England for the Christmas holidays I spent a long weekend in Adelaide.  Its a small city but was relaxed and busy with other Englishmen their to watch the cricket.  Plenty of good pubs/hotels to explore, I saw some guys I’d met in Brisbane just the week earlier so had a few pints with them.

I didn’t spend the whole time in bars though going to see the national wine centre and botanic gardens.  South Australia is famous for its vineyards, I learnt about how they grow all the different kinds of grapes here they are up close.  Beneath that is tree bark on an ancient tree which was significant to the local Indigenous people.

Around Adelaide are several beach resorts and villages, I had a long walk along the coastline going up from Glenelg, here is a shot looking back along the beach.

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