Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), Tamil Nadu, India

After relaxing in Goa for 6 weeks, it was finally time to move on. So on thursday I caught the weekly Goa to Chennai express train across the country.  I then took a local bus a couple hours south down the coast to Mahabalipuram for the weekend.
As I had visited the town before it was a relaxing weekend, roaming around the hillside to see the lighthouse and lots of locals climbing steps to see this old monument.
Definitely one of my favourite foods in India has to be the paratha, a type of bread flaky on top yet stretchy inside, here it is with a tasty local chicken curry, from a local dhaba (restaurant).
The rest of the weekend I had time to see the beach and fishing boats, as well as visiting the crocodile bank conservation centre/zoo.  At the centre they look after an impressive range of crocodiles, alligators and gharial, with them breeding some species.
That brought to an end my time in India for this trip, catching the bus back towards Chennai to fly to Vietnam (via Bangkok) on monday night, where I will be for the next 2 months starting in Hanoi.

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