Montreal, Canada

Our family trip continued to Montréal, and on our list of foods to try were freshly made bagels. We visited one of the old bakeries called Fairmont bagel.

We bought a selection of flavours and enjoyed them for breakfast in our apartment. I had a blueberry bagel topped with banana and maple syrup.

When the weather was good on one of the days, I walked up Mount Royale to enjoy the view back down to the city.

The old town of Montréal is near the waterfront and old port area, and was home to the original French colony. nowadays old Montréal is a pleasant area with restaurants and cafés to walk around and see the architecture of the old buildings.

The next photo is of Marie Raine du Monde Cathedral, translated as Mary Queen of the world Cathedral. It was modelled after Saint Peters Basilica at the Vatican.

Whilst it was raining, we stayed mainly inside one day, looking at some of the shops, but we also went to the varied fresh produce market, Marche Jean Talon.

Our holiday then continued with a train back towards Toronto, the final destination of the holiday.

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