Penang Food, Malaysia

People ask my why I enjoy staying in Georgetown so much, and like any good local would tell you its the food, Penang being famous for its great variety and tasty dishes. Usually I am too busy tucking into my evening meal and enjoying it to remember to take a photo of it, but i have remembered a few times so heres what I’ve ate this week…

A dish of ‘curry chicken won ton mee’ – some curried chicken with noodles in soy, pak choi, pork, it came with a bowl of soup with won tons in aswell.
Yesterday’s lunch was a platter of duck, chicken, pork, sausage, rice and sour soup in the ‘First Famous Duck Rice’ restaurant which was recommended by a local and took abit of finding on Lorong Suso (Milk Lane) heading out of town.

I have to say the Indian food is my favourite though and here is a fantastic vegetable thali from Sri Anand restaurant.
Will take a picture of the best meal ever – tandoori chicken naan set from the Kapitan restaurant before I leave later on the nightbus to Singapore to finally meet my friend and enjoy the Christmas Holidays.
And here it is, the photo does not do it justice as this is the best tandoori chicken you can get…

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