Surabaya, Indonesia

So 2 days ago I decided it was finally time to hit the road properly for the first time this trip, and leave the comfort and tourists of Bali behind me heading over to Indonesia’s most populated island of Java.
After catching a scooter ride, then bus from Denpasar to hook up with the ferry to Java, I made it a port called Banyuwangi on Java.  Where I got there I purchased a late night train ticket to Surabaya, then its possible to change to head to Solo (real name Surakarta).
Arriving in Surabaya at 5 am I was obviously disappointed when there was no tickets left for the morning train and I would have to wait until 1 pm.  Thankfully this is where the art of zen came in and having great patience for waiting around, so a morning of lying around finishing my book ensued.  Then venturing around to find a mall and pretty decent chicken rice bowl for my lunch, meant it was finally time to catch my train.  Passing through the rice fields all afternoon, I got to Solo last night.
I have to be honest there is not a great deal to see, but plenty of local food and a big old guest house with a pool to stay in.

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