Welcome to Tom’s Travels

I’ve kept a travel blog for several years, but have now made the move to TomsTravels.Net

Here I will not only to show places around the globe, but will also be looking at local street food tasted, reviewing the gear and equipment used when backpacking, and maybe even some useful travel advice for various countries.

I’m into all things travel, having backpacked for several months at a time on several occasions, having spent a good deal of time in India and Southeast Asia. In 2010 I backpacked overland from my hometown, zipping across Europe on trains in a number of days, then backpacking across and seeing fantastic places in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, before reaching India a few months later.

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  1. Hi Tom, your travel tips and advice have served me well. I love your enthusiasm on your various travels and your insight into the meals tasted and tested.
    Your knowledge shared allows the reader to pick up on the very essence of the wonders of those amazing cities. Happy travelling!

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