2011 Formula 1 Malaysia Petronas Grand Prix, Sepang Circuit, Kuala Lumpur

It was a long long time ago that I had booked my ticket for the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix, finally this weekend I was in KL to witness all 3 days of it, free practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday, then the main race yesterday, all from the front row of the grand stand.
Can’t really say just how exciting it was, free practice on Friday got to go all around the track and take photos.  For the main race I was opposite the pit lane and on the start finish straight, had to have ear plugs in because the noise is truly deafening. Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I took…


  1. Oh Tom,
    Sally says are you best friends with Jensen Button now? ha ha .
    What will you do with all these fabulous photos?
    I,m leaving my lounge walls free so I can get some of your amazing photos put on canvas.

    Love you.x

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