Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

After having been rather busy recently in Malaysia and Singapore, and watching the Formula 1, I got a short flight out of KL to Medan in North Sumatra, to head somewhere abit more relaxed and quiet.
The following morning made an early start by local bus from Medan towards Parapat.  Once at Parapat it was a nice 30 minutes on a little ferry over to the island of Samosir located on Danau Toba (Lake Toba).  It is a beautiful place with the lake being the largest volcanic lake in the world.  The ferry dropped me off in Tuk Tuk the little village where i have had lake front views all week from my room, been swimming in the calm water and reading in the sun. Sadly not so many tourists visit here nowadays so it has been very tranquil, the local Batak people have all been friendly and I have enjoyed some of the local food such as chicken rendang curry.

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