Bacalar, Mexico

Whilst Bacalar is in the popular Quintana Roo state of Mexico, it has not reached the mass tourism levels of Cancun and Tulum. It remains a small pleasant and quiet town sat on the edge of the beautiful Lake Bacalar. It is often referred to as the lake of seven colours due to the numerous blue tones of the water.

I had a quiet little guesthouse on the lake road just south from town a few minutes walk. This was very close to the public Balneario (lakeside club) where people come to relax or swim in the water. Seen here shortly before sunset.

About 4 km south of town you can see more colours of the lake. As the water is often clearer and more colourful away from the town. There are some cenotes to visit as well as restaurants on the shores of the lake. Cenote Cocalitos is one of the few examples in the world of living Stramatolites. These are rocks forming from living microbial mats.

Set back from the lake is Cenote Azul, this has darker blue water due to the depth. It is said to be over 80m deep with lush greenery surrounding it, great for swimming in.

I could have easily spent more time relaxing here enjoying the slow pace of Bacalar. Enjoying swimming in the lake and particularly enjoying fried fish tacos like this.


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