Mexican Food

Just catching up from the last 2 months around the Southeast of Mexico, namely Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche states. So here is a round up of some of the tasty food I got to try this trip.

Well these Tacos al Pastor were actually on my very first night in Cancun. So it turned out I had landed on a great place straight away. Tacos al Pastor is marinated pork served with coriander and pineapple on top.

I will have to talk about mexican breakfast more another time, as they really do have a wide range of good filling breakfast meals and snacks. Shown here is Chilaquiles, which is basically breakfast nachos. Left over tortilla chips are served with a salsa sauce, and a range of toppings often eggs or chiken.

This next dish is just a really good example of traditional homecooked food. With the chicken served in slightly spicy sauce with rice and bean sauce too. Whilst it looks simple it was one of the best meals I had this last month.

Ofcourse tacos did feature alot in my diet whilst in Mexico. It should be said that tacos vary greatly, here is fish fried tacos.

And one more photo of tacos, a really wide variety of toppings here. The vegetable taco also had cactus in it.

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