Yucatán food, Mexico

Well the food in Mexico has been brilliant. As Mexico is such a large country the cuisine varies greatly between the different states and regions. First I am going to talk about the regional dishes found in Yucatán state:

This plate is a great example of Yucatán food, it has salbutes, panuchos (tortilla with refried beans in), all with different toppings such as turkey and avacado and shredded chicken in black sauce. Behind these is also tamales.

Salbutes – shown below and was probably my favourite.  The regular tortillas are taken and deep fried which then puff up and give a crispy salbute.  A classic topping of chicken, avacado and tomato served on top.

Tamales – was unique compared to the rest of the cuisine.  A dough is made from ground corn, often meat and vegetable are added too.  Then the mixture is wrapped in a plantain leaf and steamed.  The result is a healthy and tasty dish, especially shown here with chillis and chicken in.

Cochinita Pipil – is a slow roasted pork dish which is marinated in mixture of mexican spices and citrus juice (usually from bitter oranges).  Then served with a range or sides, here rice, pickled onion, it was really full of flavour.

Finally near the end of my trip I tasted Soupa de Lima. This is a traditional mexican soup and as you can probably guess features limes.  It is a lovely combination of chicken broth and lime, with lots of coriander too.

My recomendation for trying much of this great food would be the capital of Yucatán, Mérida.  I ended up spending a good couple of weeks around the city here, but never ran out of places to try food and snacks and pleasant restaurants to dine in. There really is such a great range from street food to fancy finer restaurants.  I have not even mentioned the 100s of tacos I ate around here too.  I look forward to returning to Mérida later this year for more good eating.

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