More Mexican Food

Well the food in Mexico is that great and varied. So here is a round up on some local dishes I’ve had over the last month…

Starting in Puebla where one legend says that Mole was invented here. This dish is Mole Poblano Pollo, with Mole being the richly prepared source that is famous in Mexico. It is a very well known meal in Puebla and Oaxaca and it is traditionally served with chicken and rice.

Mole Poblano Pollo

In Guanajuato I had good enchiladas on a couple of occasions. One night I tracked down a local restaurant that only sells the traditional Enchiladas Mineras. This means mining enchiladas, and were invented for the mine workers around Guanajuato. They come cooked in a red chilli sauce topped with potatoes, carrots and cheese for a very filling meal, and served with large piece of chicken too.

Enchiladas Mineras

This was a plate of enchiladas mineras, enchiladas verde and enmoladas (enchiladas with mole sauce). It was great to have a combination of the different flavours.


Morelia is in Michoacan state so here I tried a couple of different breakfast dishes. Aporreadillo is cecina (dried beef) with tomatoes and eggs, also served here with blue tortilla, a slightly sweet tamale and some frijoles (beans).


Another local snack is Gorditas, which are a type of thicker tortilla. Here it is blue due to the use of blue corn. Served on top of the gordita are eggs with chorizo and a slightly spicy sauce, it was excellent.


Finally in San Miguel de Allende there was a popular fish taco restaurant I had to try. The tacos were good and their tostadas also good. The tostadas are served with fresh fish ceviche on top.



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