Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is well known as a tourist destination in Mexico. So I finally arrived to check out the place for myself. It is a good city to spend some time in, with many restaurants serving oaxacan and mexican food. I stayed for nearly 2 weeks as there is quite a few things to see and do in and near the city. The centre has some pedestrian streets around the Templo de Santa Domingo de Guzman, shown below.

A major archeological site on a mountain not far outside the city is Monte Alban. It dates back to around 500 BCE, and was obviously a very impressive Zapotec settlement with views over the surrounding valleys.

The city centre became more festive as Christmas approached with hanging decorations up in many streets.

The Christmas tree outside the Cathedral was most impressive. There was also a market on in the main square surrounding the Cathedral.

Unfortunately the collection of villages known as Pueblos Mancomunados were closed for trekking and overnight stays. I did go on a short nearby hike from the village of Huayapam. The 6km route leads up into the hills, before turning and heading down this track. We walked to the 2 lakes in the distance, which have local restaurants and was a good spot for lunch.

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