Multan – Pakistan

After setting a record of about 48 hours bus travel in 3 days I was more than glad to arrive in Multan.  I was even happier when my friend insisted I stay with him, so spent the evening recovering and having a well deserved shower.
I then had the job of meeting his family which was huge with aunties; uncles; cousins etc, and included endless handshakes and ‘salaam’s to them.  It happened to be a family friends wedding that day and I was delighted to be invited to the food ceremony of the wedding that night.  It has to have been the most bizarre meal I have ever been to, with men sat in 1 room and women another, we sat and waiting until the room and tables were full.  Then they served rice and mutton and chicken curries which everyone stuffed their faces with for about 15 minutes, and then just got up and left, incredible.
Have met more of my friends family today and had a look around some of the shops.

Their pets included little brightly coloured chicks! And here is me with one of the local shopkeepers

Will be getting bus to Lahore tomorrow

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