Iran to Pakistan

Well after an overnight bus from Kerman in Iran to the border, the crossing over to Pakistan was easy enough at customs, the trouble then was having to pay for a security guard for the bus to Quetta.  All the buses have security though, it is just they make tourists pay for this convenience!
So at about 5pm we set off from the border to head to Quetta, on an ancient relic of a bus, and doubled with the dubious ‘road’ it was along night aboard, not the best journey by far but memorable I guess.
After this leg of the journey I had planned to get the train up to Lahore, but upon arrival in Quetta there was no train tickets as it was a holiday.  In the end I opted for another long night of bus travel to Multan, 3 hours south of Lahore, with an English speaking Pakistani that I had met.

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