Niagara Falls, Canada

This is the start of my family trip this year in Canada. We flew in to Hamilton and briefly stopped there before heading to Niagara Falls. We had a few days here to do all of the tourist activies around the falls. We had to start with the famous boat ride into the waterfalls.

Here is looking down from the top of the main horseshoe section of the waterfalls. You can see how close the boat gets to the falls, as when onboard you can only see water spray once you get close.

There are lots of activities to do around Niagara Falls. Just up the road to the north is the whirlpool and rapids section of the river. Here there is a cable car that goes right above the whirlpool.

Cable car above whirlpool

You can also walk down by the river near here to see the rapids in action. Nearby is also the base for the helicopter ride over Niagara Falls.

Finally everynight there are fireworks above the waterfalls for everyone to see.


Which is a great way to end any visit to Niagara Falls. 

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