Oaxacan Food, Mexico

Had been looking forward to getting to Oaxaca city, as in Mexico it is very popular for it’s food. Notably mole is perhaps the most famous dish. Mole means sauce and it is often a very complex sauce cooked over a long period with many ingredients. The first dish below is Enmoladas con mole negro. It is a very rich sauce with a sweetness to it as dark chocolate is used.

Enmoladas con mole negro

A street food dish sometimes referred to as ‘Oaxacan pizza’ is Tlayuda. This is a large crispy tortilla then topped with beans, cheese and more. This one had chorizo, tomato and avacado on; it ate well with the chorizo giving it good flavour.


I would probably say Mexican breakfasts are my favourite when travelling here. Often its a very filling meal, perhaps more brunch than breakfast. Here the eggs were cooked in a crispy tortilla, served alongside fried plantain and beans with cheese.

Mexican breakfast

Recommended a few times to me was the Casa Oaxaca restaurant. It is slightly more upmarket than the average mexican restaurant, but I thought it would be worth the treat to see it it was as good as people said. First they made fresh salsa for me at the table.

Making salsa

Then I tried tacos al lechon, or suckling pig tacos, which were excellent. Though were several times the price of regular tacos al pastor in a normal taqeuria. Still overall I think most of the food in Oaxaca was of a good standard, and there was many different dishes to try.

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