Sri Lankan Food

Well the end of my trip this year was stopped short due to the virus outbreak and pandemic. So I spent the end of my journey resting and relaxing near Tangalle and Amanwella beach. Despite this I’ve had a fantastic time in Sri Lanka and could not recommend it more as a travel destination. There is loads to see; such as ancient ruins, amazing wildlife, vast scenary and landscapes. It is also easy to travel around with many towns and sights just and hour or two apart. And then of course there is Sri Lankan food…

Egg Hopper

Here is a round up of dishes to look out for and try when in Sri Lanka. Starting with breakfast foods, above is an egg hopper. Also called Appam, they are made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. They come out like a crispy pancake and taste even better with coconut sambal on the side, definitely worth tasting.

String hoppers is another common breakfast food, which is a type of rice noodle. Often served with a curry, here was potato curry and eggs, and again the excellent coconut sambal on the side.

String hoppers or Idiyappam

Probably the most traditional meal in Sri Lanka is often simply called rice and curry. It can come in numerous different dishes or flavours. Here is a couple of examples. Often the dishes include potato, lentils/dahl, greens such as spinach and green beans, the list and variations are endless. But you never seem to get a bad meal and there is always a lot of flavour combinations.

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