Haputale & Ella, Sri Lanka

Stopped at a couple more destinations in the hill country region of Sri Lanka. The contrast between the villages of Haputale and Ella is substantial. These days Ella has become pretty touristy with hundreds of guesthouses, along with lots of restaurants and bars on the main road.

Haputale is a quieter village but still there are some good local food options. The village sits up along a ridge in the hills with the main road running along it. This means guesthouses often have excellent views down to the valleys below.

There are numerous pleasant routes for walking or hikes around both villages. A good short walk starts at the post office in Haputale. Walk up past the Rangers office and through the forest for a short time, until you reach tea plantations. Here I saw the workers having their lunch break after having picked all this tea.

Once in Ella we got up early to hike up Ella Rock. It is a much easier to walk earlier in the morning before the temperature gets too hot.

Another short walk up to a viewpoint is to Little Adam’s Peak. This gives perhaps a wider view around the hills than Ella Rock, with this excellent view across to the rock.

Overall I recommend both destinations, if you want a small quiet town visit Haputale. For a busier village and larger choice of tourist bars and restaurants visit Ella. Or perhaps visit both if you have time. There are numerous tea factories that do tours for visitors close to both villages.

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