Train journeys in Sri Lanka

I thought my recent train journeys in Sri Lanka deserved a special mention. I had heard the train line from Colombo to Kandy then on to Ella was particularly scenic, and this was proved to be correct.

My starting point for the train ride was Kandy. This first leg to Nanuoya was approximately 3 hours as the train climbs into the hills. The photos don’t always tell the full story here. As there are so many great views, some had already passed by once I had my camera ready.

There was no shortage of views out across tea plantations, forests and jungle further in to the hill country. I would definitely recommend getting a reserved seat as the unreserved carriages get extremely busy. Therefore in the unreserved car it is unlikely you will get a window seat to enjoy the views.

I did more railway trips in shorter sections from Nanuoya to Haputale, then later from Haputale to Ella. Shortly before the train arrives at Ella are some great views of waterfalls and cliffs.

Also on the train line near Ella is the nine arch bridge. The nine arch bridge was built in 1921 and is a fine example of colonial architecture. This has become a popular spot to walk to for tourists, to watch the trains in motion and take photos.


  1. What amazing photography! The photos tell a thousand words, to highlight your blog. So advantaged Tom to be exploring the world the way you do! It must be so good for your mental health, and that feel good factor. Carry on enjoying, and posting and take care! Lots of love xxx

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