Yazd – Iran

Carried on across Iran the other day as it was raining, so we took the bus to the historical city of Yazd.  Have a nice hostel here but the old city can only be described as a maze of all the different backstreets and alleys, so it has been a little confusing navigating and finding our way to the sights and mosques etc.
Not alot is happening today as friday is Irans holy day so the vast majority of shops and sights are closed.  We did take a taxi tour out into a couple of the desert villages surrounding Yazd though and these good to see with some good scenary and views, evan if the old villages weren’t upto much themselves.
Also got to try a camel burger yesterday for lunch, which was pretty good!

Good iranian food of green Khoresht, like minty limb stew and lentils.
One of the mosque entrances around Yazd.  Below we played football with some of the locals around the backstreets, with the old mud buildings in the background.

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