2013 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, Sepang Circuit, Kuala Lumpur

After a day shopping in Bangkok on thursday, I flew down to Kuala Lumpur on friday.  It was 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to attend the 2011 grand prix here.  This year I hadn’t really planned to go but luckily I was in the right place at the right time; being in Malaysia this week before flying back to Australia next week, so why not go watch the formula 1 grand prix cars racing.

This is a panoramic view from the slightly covered hill-stand where I sat this year.  Whilst not as close to the racetrack as the grandstand I was in the other year, it was still fantastic, being such a large hill there was views over a large portion of the race track.

Some early afternoon rain meant the race started on a damp track.  Fans on the hill got abit of shelter, but as soon as the racing started they where all back out cheering and the rain soon started to clear up.

After a while the sun then came out, drying the track and meaning pit stops for dry tyres.

Here I am in the sun with the cars flying past in the background.  I have to say it was a brilliant day out,  having watched the race with several other english backpackers.

More views from either ends of the hillstand during the race.  Evan with earplugs, the noise from the engines is immense as they speed around.

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  1. Thomas you beautiful man! Was told by your mother last week you'd started using this again! Looks like being a Doley is treating you well haha, lovin the pics and the quality of your camera haha. Hope you're well mate, I'll be having a perv on you from now on haha. Lots of love from Davies x

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