Calcutta, India

My final destination of India is the major city and former capitol, Calcutta. The original plan was to watch the England vs India world cup cricket match here, sadly that got moved to Bangalore, but that hasn’t detracted from a great time in the city.
After exploring the busy new market area i strolled down the huge Maidan park in the city that has some 50 cricket pitches. Slightly south at the end of the Maidan is royal Calcutta race club and it just so happened that there was a full race card on Saturday so we went for a fun afternoon gambling a few rupees on the horses.
Yesterday was spent watching the cricket match in a local bar with a very loud atmosphere, enjoying the good variety of snacks and street food here, had paratha (fried read) roll with egg and veg in for lunch.
Off to see the marble palace tomorrow as well as the Victoria monument.

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