Chiang Mai, Thailand

A quick update after having a busy January.  I am back to solo backpacking now, after having caught up with friends down south and visiting my Uncle.  My friend from Australia flew out just the other morning, after taking an extended holiday spending time with me and visiting Burma.  Getting organised this week as I plan for a month in Laos, i’ll probably head off there at the end of the week.
Back to Chiang Mai, I visited on my first trip to Thailand nearly 5 years ago now, but I soon remembered the old city to find my way around.  I have been temple spotting around the old city where there is no lack of Buddhist Wats and Stupas.  On my afternoon walk today though I found this:

Which is best described as a lost garden of terra cotta statues, mosaics and creations.  Some of the stock seems to have hung around the garden for quite sometime, mosses and plants growing around and over them, an interesting find.

More later in the week once I finish photographing the temples.

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