Food in Danang & Hoi An, Vietnam

The food in central Vietnam differs from the north or south, and I have had tasty meals in Danang and Hoi An over the last week.
Hoi An has cheap local eats and pleasant restaurants in the old town, where I really enjoyed this Banh xeo thit nuong, or crispy pancakes, fried pork with salad herbs and rice paper to make rolls with.

An old lady made me this fried wonton with chicken for lunch, where the filling is ontop of the fried crispy wonton.

Only found in Hoi An are Cao Lâo, a type of noodle made with water from a certain well in Hoi An town. They are thicker than normal rice noodles and more chewy due to the way they are made.

This next dish of Banh cuon, is a more common dish found all over. This time it had more flavour then previous times, with lettuce, herbs and crispy onions on. The string like topping is made from pork somehow and I think is known as ruoc.

Finally a tasty version of Bún măm, a dry rice noodle meal consisting of pork, fish sauce, chilli and herbs to be mixed in with the noodles.

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