Guanajuato City, Mexico

After San Miguel de Allende I was in Guanajuato city the capital of Guanajuato state. It proved to be an excellent and interesting city to visit. The city sits in a valley so is on many levels with lots of alleys and steps up-and-down between the roads. There is a network of tunnels that connect underneath the city. The tunnels were originally built to help divert rainwater, but are now used as roads.

tunnels underneath the city

Here is the view of Guanajuato from the Pipila statue. I took the steep funicular train up to this viewpoint.

view from Pipila

One of the significant historical buildings in the centre is Guanajuato University. It is built with a local rock of greenish volcanic tuff. Elsewhere many buildings have a pink colour, which also comes from another local volcanic rock.

Guanajuato Univercity

It was good to get some walks in up and above the city around the hills this is the view of the nearby mountains.

Back in the city it was a hive of activity all weekend, as there was urban downhill mountain biking Championships being hosted. They raced down through the narrow streets and alleys of the city. It was fascinating to watch and I first found it just walking down this alley…

urbano downhill mtb racing

Really enjoyed my time in Guanajuato and would really recommend visiting as part of any Mexico travel itinerary.

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