Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Lucknow is a pretty big, busy and chaotic Indian city. It is famous for its kebabs and Awadhi cuisine which made me want to visit.  With the help of Uber or the indian app Ola it was easy to get round the city to do some sightseeing.

I tracked down perhaps the most well-known old kebab shop in the Chowk area of the city; Tunday Kebabi. Here for 40 rupees I got 2 galawati kebabs, 2 rumali rotis and some onion. A very simple dish on appearance but the soft meat kebab pattys were packed with flavour.  Another very popular restaurant was Dastarkhwan, with the photo showing more galawati kebab and chicken tandoori.

Apart from the food there was the heritage zone or old part of the city to visit. There I visited the Residency compound. This is where the British were held under siege in 1857. The buildings still show artillery markings and scars from the siege, some great history.

With a combined tourist ticket you can visit both the Bara Imambara and Chota Imambara. These are muslim congregation halls, with the larger Bara Imambara some 15m high and 50m long which dates back to 1784. It was impressive the size inside the hall and is shown here with the Asifi mosque next to it.

The Chota (smaller) Imambara or Hussainabad Imambara is also worth a visit. Known as the temple of lights for the numerous chandeliers inside. It dates back to 1837 though parts have now been preserved, still some great detail on show.


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