Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

So still residing in Old Manali, the weather has been a little rainy on a few days but on the other days the sun has been shining so I’ve been out and about walking up the hills and valley.  Old Manali has a very laid back atmosphere with lots of backpacker cafes and shops; had some good company at my guest house so we have spent time trying the different restaurants and having some good meals out. It is set up on the hillside above the river, with new manali set further down and a much busier little Indian town.  These photos were taken after walking up above Old Manali on a trail which leads to the next village a few kilometres around the hillside.

 To get down to New Manali you have a choice, follow the busy road complete with infinite amount of taxis and none stop horn honking or take the calming stroll through the nature park, which is more like a forest full of cedar trees.

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