Orang-Utans, Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

After a torrential downpour last night in the rain forest I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like the following day, but it turned out dry and bright for a guided trek into the Mt. Leuser National Park.
It was quite demanding through the jungle up and down numerous paths, branches and streams.  First we spotted the Thomas Leaf Monkeys in the trees which were quite tame and friendly.
Deeper into our trek after getting bored of all the walking and hiking we finally saw some Orang-Utans, which is of course the reason I had come to Bukit Lawang.  The 5 Orang-Utans we spotted were semi-wild, as there is a feeding station at the base of the rain forest to help them out.  They were rather calm and friendly so could get good close photos…

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