Pamakkule – Turkey

The main attraction here was the incredible calcium carbonate (limestone) travertines that stretch out over and up the hillside.  There are several pools and water flowing down across the white cliffs and landscape that they form; which was brilliant to see, and walk up barefoot.
All of this leads up to the ancient Roman ruins of Heiropolis, the town was well preserved after an earthquake covered it in ash many years ago.  The Roman baths here have also been restored and it is possible to swim in the 37 degree heat of the mineral waters.
Took a long but not so bad overnight bus last night to reach Cappadocia this morning.


  1. It looke lovely Tom, just like snow.
    Sorry we missed your call last night. Your Dad and I had a lovely break in Betws-y-coed and I think you had a little more sunshine than us! ha ha .
    Take care xxxxxxxxxx

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