Returning to Hampi, India

I first visited hampi on my very first trip to India in 2009, you can see my bit from back then here; TomsTravels – Hampi. So it has been on my list of places to visit again for a very long time now. There have been quite a few changes to Hampi over the years. With the main street/bazar being cleared/demolished several years ago, to leave only the historic ruins of the main street. This photo is the end of the main street with the bicycle that I rented for a week to look around the ruins.

In 2009 we stayed across the river from the main Hampi village, where accommodation had just started to open, with amazing views across the rice fields. Over time, that side of the river became known as ‘hippie island’, and became more built-up with guest houses and restaurants. Unfortunately, as most of these places were ‘unlicensed’ the authorities took notice and closed them all down one or two years ago. I did go across the river to see what was left, now all that remains is piles of rubble.

This time, I stayed in New Hampi, which is the village about 4 km south of Hampi Bazar. Where lots of new guesthouses and homestays have opened up after villagers located to this area. It is still close to nice views across the fields and surrounding countryside.

With the bicycle, I got around loads of the ruins, probably the best bit was seeing the elephant stables:

The elephant stables and the lotus mahal do require a ticket for access, currently Rs.600 for foreign tourists. With this ticket you can also visit the archaeological museum, and the Viyaja Vitthala temple, but note they do have to all be visited within the same single day.

The main temple at the end of the main street is the Virupaksha Temple. it is often a hive of activity. However, the afternoon that I visited it was pretty empty and quiet to take some photos.

I did enjoy cycling around and seeing lots of ruins again around Hampi, it should be on anyone’s list of places to visit in India.

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