Triund, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

So after a nearly a week not feeling too great in Delhi, I finally got an overnight train up to Pathankot.  I must add here that I nearly missed, well I did miss my stop at 6:30 in the morning and had to jump off the train somewhat after the station itself.  Anyway about 4 hours on local buses got me from Pathankot upto Dharamsala.
I am actually staying in Mcleod Ganj (Upper Dharamsala), which is the seat of the Tibetan Government in excile and where the Dalai Lama himself resides (when he is not travelling overseas doing public speaking).
Its been a very relaxing week here so far and have enjoyed trying the tibetan food. But I will post more pictures from in the town itself later.
As yesterday we did a great day trek some 9km from Mcleod Ganj, and 1000m climb in elevation to the top of Triund hill for a view of the surrounding mountains.

 Here is a view back towards the village on our way up.

It took us around about 4 hours to make the 9/10km hike, but there are a few chai shops on the way where we stopped for tea and some biscuits to keep our energy up.  You can just make out one of the refreshment shacks in the photo below.

We kept going and where eventually rewarded with the amazing views at the top, obviously we were pretty damn tired by this point but the scenery and mountains where worth it.  We had climbed up over 1000m over the course of the day to an elevation of 2975m.

After having noodles for lunch at the top it took us over 3 hours to wind our way back down, what a day.


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