Napoli & Amalfi Coast, Italy

After Rome I took the high speed train down the coast to Naples for a couple of days, to try the famous pizza here.

Pizza Margherita

I tried pizza in a few places, including one of the original places that served in Napoli, but to be honest all the pizzas I had were excellent here.

Napoli nightlife

These are the old back streets of Napoli full of people and bars on a busy night out.


I have previously visited Pompeii, so this time visited the other site of Herculaneum. The ruins here are incredible, with alot of colours amongst the town preserved after the great volcano.


There was a fair bit of rain the day I took the bus around the coast to visit Amalfi, but this did not make it any less impressive, with the clouds around the coast. The weather was better walking up and around Sorrento enjoying the views.


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