Varanasi & the Ganges – India

After recovering some more from my bout of illness, I have took in the epic scenes along the River Ganges yesterday and today.  The series of ghats (steps down to the Ganges) run right the way along the stretch of river in the town, here people come to bathe and wash in the river, also to be cremated on the burning ghats or even buried in the river.  Which is pretty unreal to observe, the town itself busy with hustle and bustle, a swell as a bad smell from all the waste getting washed into the river!
Off to visit some of the temples tomorrow, as Varanasi is home to literally thousands of temples; due to its spiritual nature.

Here are some of the sights along the Ganges in Varanasi, got a boat along it this morning to see the sunrise, and last night to watch the nightly puja (prayers to the river) ceremony.

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