Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Only about 100km is Bundi, I say only 100km but it still took some 5 hours on a backside numbing local bus yesterday, but I did arrive in the afternoon, found some food and got up early to go up to the palace on the hillside above the busy village.

Dating back to the 16th century the palace sits above the village and you can see the walls running down and up the hillside the other side and then along encasing the village.

So here is the palace a huge place; some of it is rather neglected with bats living in the old rooms, but inside this section there are still alot of the murials preserved, telling stories of the Hindu gods.

After seeing the palace further up on the hill is also the old fort, quite a steep climb and you know its going to be interesting when the ticket man told me to “pick up a rock to throw incase any monkeys come near”.  The fort is totally neglected but that gave some good exploring around it on the hillside and good views, and none of the monkeys came too close.  Here is a view back down from the palace.

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