Caves of Ajanta, Maharashtra, India

Well the good news is i’m back travelling, so expect plenty of photos from some different sights across india over the next month or so! After this i’ll hopefully be busy watching the India v England test cricket series, before spending some time on the beach in Goa, but back to now…
Got into Mumbai on friday afternoon, but not wanting to spend too much time there I soon was on a sleeper train upto Jalgaon, which has just been a base for today, travelling further on the local bus to the Caves of Ajanta.
It was fair trip of a couple hours on the local bus this morning, but the journey was rewarding with some fascinating caves with paintings and caves. The caves date back over 2000 years, with them being abandoned around the 6th century, it then wasn’t until 1819 that a British hunting party found them again.






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