El Jadida, Morocco

I continued my journey further up the coast from Oualidia, towards El Jadida.  This was to make it easier to loop back down towards Marrakesh the following day, but would enable me to see the UNESCO world heritage site of the Fortress of Mazagan (the old Portuguese walled town).

Inside the old walls is the Portuguese Cistern, which dates back to 1514, and was a brilliant challenge to capture on camera, as the thin layer of water across the floor gives fantastic reflections of the columns and roof.

With it being a quiet town with few tourists, I was able to wander around the market getting up close to the fresh produce, capturing plenty of action from the locals (compared to the Marrakesh markets/souqs).  Shown here is the freshly baked bread, eaten all week for breakfast. Also in the market were selections of many types of olives, alongside fresh mint (drank in the local mint tea).




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