Oualidia, Morocco

If you board the daily local bus heading north from Essaouira, after a slow three hours you may reach the village of Oualidia.  This village is found along the main road; however the reason and attraction to come and stay here was a short 10 minute walk down a hill.  Once down the hill I found the beautiful crescent shaped beach found on a lagoon. Which I mainly had to myself for the couple of days spent here.



Here is the view back across the beach and lagoon to the hillside holiday homes illuminated at night. The water totally tranquil with only a slight breeze.  I did stretch my legs and walk back up the hill to the village, for some relatively cheap but pretty tasty local food of a tajine. This tajine had been smouldering away on the burner for a good few hours and contained slow cooked beef, potatoes and vegetables.


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