Champasak, Laos

The small village of Champasak is in the south of Laos, and people mainly stay to go and visit the nearby ancient temple comple of Wat Phu (or Wat Champasak).  I thought I had stopped off in a kind of ghost town when I arrived off a local pickup truck from the town of Pakse, but there is a nice few guesthouses sitting alongside the river.
This morning, trying to set off before it got too hot (it was boiling by the time I got to the temple), I jumped on a bicycle and set out for Wat Phu.  It was about 9km down a dusty road, passing through some tiny local villages, a good bike ride.
The templex complex is spread out running up into the hillside. Set on numerous levels, there is ponds at the bottom before 2 large temple buildings before a few sets of steps to the top of the hill, where the main temple is located next to a freshwater spring.
The locals leave little offerings at the temple, such as incense or these sets of flowers:

Finally here is the view back down the hill stretching to the river:

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