Don Det, Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), Laos

When I arrived on Don Det off one of these long-tail boats…

I wasn’t really sure what to make of the place. Not a great deal to see or do, but then I think thats kind of the attraction for most of the backpackers here, just general relaxing or sitting in a hammock.
I did a lap of the island and got more of a feel for this little place in the mekong estuary, heres a view out into the river; you can see the greenery dotted about on the other islands/islets. The locals do swim and bathe in the river, I had a swim myself on one of the hotter days (its not totally clean though and I think swimming is better suited in the sea off a beach in Thailand where I am headed back to soon).

Here is a signature dish of Lao cuisine: Laap. I’d describe it as meat salad (mine was chicken) with lime juice, garlic, mint leaves, chilli, lettuce leaves to wrap it in and served with sticky rice. It was pretty good, if a little sweet with all the lime juice.

Don Khon is alongside Don Det and linked by an old railway bridge, I went over to see the waterfalls, but they were more like a huge set of rapids, i was more interested in the geology of the area though and had to have a look at the rocks.

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