Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is set in the southwest highlands of Vietnam. It was a very scenic, if abit bumpy, bus ride up into the hills from Nha Trang.
Spent the few days here relaxing with some friends. One day we took a pleasant boat ride across Tuyem Lam Lake to see the surrounding forest. Once there this group of many cheerful locals invited us to their weekend lunch picnic, so had fun here meeting and talking.

The night market was a very popular place at the weekend, packed with visitors. There was all kinds of souvenirs and clothes for sale, aswell as many foods such as vietnamese pizza on offer. Drinking hot milk also seemed popular at the market stalls.

A more abstract sight to visit in Dalat is the Hang Nga Crazy House. An ongoing creation of winding high bridges and stairs link different theme designed rooms. It was quite maze like and took quite some time to explore.

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