Nha Trang, Vietnam

As I continue south in Vietnam the weather has improved. Which was good as I was staying in the beach city of Nha Trang for a few days. Whilst the middle stretch of beach is heavily populated with tourists, at either end the sand becomes quieter, with a good spot found for sunbathing here.

A popular sight in the north of the city are the Po Nagar Cham towers, built in brick between the 8th to 12th centuries. These are still used for worship today by many buddhists.

Walking around the city (to get away from the western and touristy eateries found near the numerous hotels and beach), there was a wide variety of local food. I found bò né to be an excellent brunch meal. This photo may not convey how tasty it was, but it is beef on a sizzling hot plate with eggs and some sausage served with a decent sized baguette, all for cheap price, brilliant.

Another local dish I went to hunt down and sample was nem nuong. First shown as the grilled minced pork, fried snacks, range of salad and herbs, with chilli sauce. These are then assembled onto rice paper to make your own rolls.

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