Dalat, Vietnam, 2018

Having visited Dalat previously (in 2017), I had already seen many of the sights. But it is a pleasant enough place to spend a few days again. Especially with a good range of charming cafes to relax at and spend some time reading.

Notable and photoworthy this time were: the Bao Dai Summer Palace. It has excellent Art Deco style, and it is kept as it was when the Emperor of Vietnam lived here in the 1930s. Also passed by when walking around Dalat was the Domaine de Marie Church which dates back to the 1940s.

Bao Dai Summer Palace
Bao Dai Summer Palace
Domaine de Marie Church

If you are on the look out for good vietnamese food to try I can recommend trying Bo Khe (beef stew). It can be found across the country not just in Dalat, and can be served with noodles or with banh mi (baguette). This was tasted at the notable Lien Hoa Bakery in the middle of town.

Bo Kho (vietnamese beef stew)

Perhaps some inspiration was borrowed from the crazy house in Dalat (which I saw last time) but definitely worth a visit is the 100 rooftops bar. It also goes by Cafe Tram Mai or Duong Len Trang. Simply you purchase a drink as you go in, then head down to the basement and work your way up through the maze. There are lots of steps and staircases through many levels to the rooftop, good fun exploring.

100 Rooftops bar in Dalat
100 Rooftops bar Dalat

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