Food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Always an exciting part of travel is trying lots of different foods and local cuisine, so here is a round up of what I have tried so far.
Have already tried a variety of noodle dishes, with bun bo nam bo (dry rice noodles with beef, herbs and peanuts) being very tasty. Here is a mi ga (egg noodles with chicken in broth) with a side of goi cuon (fresh spring rolls).

There are lots of pork dishes, here I had crispy pork with rice noodles, not sure of the exact vietnamese name for the dish though. Many local places selling barbecue pork sticks in the streets too, which can be a bargain and great snack.

A local friend took me to try some excellent street food the other night, with us having nem lui. Nem lui is pork cooked on sticks with lettuce, fresh herbs, pineapple, carrots, rice noodles, rice paper. You then assemble yourself into rolls in the rice paper before dipping into a sauce and eating! The final photo then shows the hundreds of sweets and chocolates I found onsale down a side street, which are popular for the upcoming vietnamese new years holiday of Tet.

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