Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Still battling with the soaring temperatures here as its been over 40 degrees; maybe as high as 45 degrees; therefore its been a struggle to do a great deal here in the blue painted city of Jodhpur.  I’m not exactly sure why many of the old buildings are painted this light shade of below except for the reason of tradition,  one of the possible reasons is the Indian caste of Brahmins took to painting their houses blue and alot of them live in Jodhpur, apparently mosquitos aren’t attracted to the colour so that is a bonus.  Beneath that is the portrait of an old gentlemen who insisted I stop and took his portrait so I obliged.
That was on my way up to the Mehrangarh fort that looks over the city perched on a 300 meter high hill commanding views over the city.  Lastly not far from the fort was Jaswant Thada a white marble memorial to a famous Maharaja.

Next stop is Jaisalmer for a camel trek, then Delhi for some cricket, then i’ll head further north upto Himchal Pradesh, where it shall be cooler and I can stop complaining about the temperature.

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