Prague, Czechia

Prague in Czechia is well know in England for cheap boozy weekends. It offers much more than Czech beer to drink for a weekend break though! So as well as having a few of the Czech beers, here is what else to see.

The old town is fascinating and full of great architecture. Some of the buildings date back to the 14th century. The old town square has been a market place for over a thousand years. Remember to pass the Astronomical clock on the hour to see it chime. Cross west on the Charles Bridge, where work started building it in 1357. This leads up to Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral. Its good to explore all the picturesque side streets, shown here:

After visiting the castle and cathedral it was time for lunch. We stopped at U Magistra Kelly for authentic local food, trying the pork knuckle and hearty beef goulash, both recommended. Another local snack to try that is visible on many stalls is the chimney or spit cake, Trdelník in Czech. Cooked over open coals then sugared and can also be filled with ice cream or chocolate spread.

Another evening heading away east away from the centre of town we ate in Pivovarsky Klub. It has a huge range of beers local and international, but also a good food menu to accompany the drinks. I had spicy sausages in dark beer sauce with sauerkraut pancakes/rosti, thoroughly enjoyed:

To get out of the city we took a local train to Karlstejn. It takes less than an hour on the railway and was about 100 krona for a return ticket. Karlstejn is a small village and you walk up the hill past the tourist stalls and some cafes upto Karlstejn Castle. It is a large gothic style castle, originally built in 1348 though many sections have been rebuilt over the years. We took the short tour around the castle that was informative and intresting. The views all around the castle look out from the top of the hill to the surrounding forests and countryside.