Puebla, Mexico

After coming back in to Mexico via Cancun, Valladolid and Merida I flew down to Mexico City and came to Puebla. The historical centre retains a pleasant vibe around the main square (zocalo) and cathedral, despite the city now being home to more than 1.5 million people. Alot of the history of the city goes back to Spanish arrivals in the 16th century. The construction of cathedral started way back in 1550.

My favourite bit of history in the city was the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. Founded in 1646 it was the first public library in the Americas and is thought to be the oldest library in the west today. I hope this photo captures the history here with 10000s of books on the ornate wooden shelves.

Around the first and second of November Mexico celebrates Dia de Muertos to remember the deceased. Many places have ofrendas (alters) to see. Around the main square in the evening it also became a celebration of a Mexican holiday and lots of people dressed up, some of which were pretty haunting and scary.

The rest of the centre has plenty more Churches, local markets and scenic streets to walk around.

Cholula is a nearby pueblo magico that is an easy daytrip from Puebla. Unfortunately access to the pyramid was closed the day I went (sunday) so I will have to see that another time.

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