Queretaro, Mexico

I flew from Puerto Vallarta across central Mexico in to the highlands to Queretaro. The city plays an important part in Mexican history as in the early 19th century Miguel Hildalgo and conspirators met here to plot against the Spanish. Then in 1917 the Mexican constitution was initially drawn up here. Here is the Plaza Independencia which is the central sqaure in the historical city.

Whilst Queretaro is a rapidly expanding city with over a million people, the historical centre is very pleasant with lots of pedestrian areas to wander around, and see numerous churches and historical buildings. Here is the pretty garden that was in the interesting calendar museum.

The art museum is located in the Templo de la Congregacion de Guadalupe, another beautiful building dating back over 200 years.

A key feature that stands out in the city is the Aqueducto. Built over 200 years ago to bring freshwater to the city centre it is a brilliant piece of engineering and architecture that stands proud over the city.

Less than an hour away on the bus is the pueblo magico of Bernal. Perfect for a day trip from Queretaro. The main reason to visit was to see the Pena de Bernal, thought to be one of the largest monoliths in the world. It is the remnants of a volcano, where the large granitic lava plug has been left standing after the surrounding volcano has been eroded.

The final photo shows one of the brightly painted churches in the city I found when walking around.

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