What else to do in Rishikesh?

I’ve titled this what else to do in Rishikesh, as the main draw here for most people is yoga and meditation.  It has been dubbed the yoga capital of the world. There are loads of ashrams and courses to choose from, but I am going to talk about what else there is to do in Rishikesh if you visit.

Here I stayed around the main travellers hub of Laxman Jhula.  Which is upstream a few kilometers of Rishikesh town. The view shown is across the Laxman Jhula bridge to the Swarg Miwas temple. Around this area are plenty of travellers cafes and local food places giving plenty of choice.  Numerous cafes overlook the river or are next to the river which is pretty pleasant.

Along the River Ganges are a few sandy areas and beaches.  One beach is found in between the Laxman Jhula area and the Swarg Ashram area. With another spot a short walk north of Laxman Jhula, good places to relax and get some sun.

Heading further upstream on the road from Laxman Jhula walking you can reach some waterfalls. The photo shows the Patna waterfall, the trial heads up from the road next to a chai stall.  On the northern side of the river is Neer Gahr waterfalls, which is actually about 3 different waterfalls some with pools for a bit of a swim in.  Another popular activity is rafting along the River Ganges, which was good value from just around 500 rupees for a half day.

Rishikesh made the news back in 1968 when The Beatles travelled here to stay at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram to learn transcendental meditation.  It was well reported their time here with them writing a great number of songs whilst they were here. Over the years the ashram they had stayed in was abandoned and left to the elements. Nowadays the site is owned by the local government so does charge a 600 rupee entrance fee. I felt it was worth it to explore the area, there is now also a small photo exhibit and some great graffiti art to see.  The meditation huts had great views down to the river Ganges below.

So Rishikesh is well worth a visit. There is a variety to see or do alongside relaxing in the picturesque setting next to the river Ganges.

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