Tabriz – Iran

After a long day of travelling – a bus to the border in turkey, crossing the border formalities, a taxi to the Iranian town of Maku, and then a 4 hour bus ride – we made it to Tabriz.
Tabriz is one of the larger Iranian cities, has proved rather busy and a good introduction to Iran, as many of the locals have been inquiring “where are you from?”, and generally being friendly and wanting to speak English to the tourists.

After a nice breakfast of fresh yoghurt, honey and Iranian bread, we walked round and saw the sights.  These include the Blue Mosque, which was badly damaged in an 18th century earthquake; but has been rebuilt, with some of the blue tiling and patterns still intact inside the mosque.
Have tickets for the evening overnight train to Tehran tomorrow, so will get to see the capital city then.

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  1. Hiya Tom, glad you got there ok, we got your postcard this morning, thank you.
    You really are seeing fab sights aren't you? Glad the locals are friendly, but then you had heard that! Take care Tom.
    Lots of love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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